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How It Works

Only LifeSpring Nutrition combines the convenience and freedom of a frozen meal delivery service with the fresh-made deliciousness and nutritional benefits you get in a home-made meal. For over a decade, LifeSpring has been creating, preparing and delivering frozen meals to the doorsteps of happy customers. And why wouldn’t they be happy? They’re enjoying meals that have been prepared fresh in the LifeSpring kitchen with the healthiest and most delicious ingredients available, all under the watchful eye of our on-staff nutritionist! So, whether you’re looking to provide a complete nutritional program, supplement your current diet, or are just simply too busy to prepare a nutritious meal for you or your family, LifeSpring brings you the flavor you want with the nutrition you need.

Questions before you start...

We’re proud to say that our meals are created under the direction of our full-time licensed LifeSpring nutritionist. If you have any questions regarding our current menu or would simply like information about your dietary options, feel free to give us a call and speak with our friendly nutritionist.

Ordering is Easy...

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, Lifespring makes it simple to order your favorites! Visit our Order page where you’ll find a meal for every taste.  Looking for something a little more specific? Just “Narrow Your Search” and you’ll see meals that are created with your special dietary needs in mind. Whether you’re looking for a Heart Conscious, Diabetic or Renal meal plan or you just prefer a meal that’s vegetarian or low in sodium, LifeSpring has delectably nutritious meal options for you!  Order as many as you prefer… LifeSpring frozen meals are ready when you are!

Meal Packages or Ala Carte...

At LifeSpring, we’re all about convenient nutrition! We give you the option to individually hand pick every meal you order or you can try one of our Chef’s Favorites’ packages—Delicious multi-day sampler packs of meals created especially with your nutritional needs in mind.  Either way, you’ll be enjoying some of the most wholesome and delicious meals available!

In our Kitchen...

Now that you’ve placed your order, you can sit back and relax because here in the LifeSpring Kitchen, we’re just getting started!  Our chefs are preparing your meals with the same care and dedication we put into every single LifeSpring meal.  We’ll be up at the crack of dawn receiving the freshest local produce and highest quality meats available to ensure every bite is packed with nutritious goodness, whether you enjoy it the next day or the next week!

Doorstep Delivery...

All LifeSpring meal orders that are received by 10am PST will be prepared that very same day and will be sent for next day delivery.  You’ll receive your LifeSpring meal safely packed and delivered with dry ice to ensure your meal arrives to you perfectly frozen and perfectly delicious! And remember, any order over $80 ships for free!

Enjoy your delicious LifeSpring Meals anytime! Keep your LifeSpring meals stored safely in your freezer and they will last up to a month. Enjoy them whenever you’re ready for a delicious and nutritious meal or snack!

If you are looking for fresh meals delivered direct to your door go to SusansHealthyGourmet.com