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At LifeSpring Home Nutrition, we aim to address the global healthcare crisis by providing healthy, Medically Tailored Meals (MTM) with convenient home delivery at affordable prices.

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Wellness Resources Hub

LifeSpring Home Nutrition provides wellness resources to individuals living in the community, ensuring people have access to the services they need to achieve optimal health. According to Cathleen Anthony, M.B.A., owner of LifeSpring Home Nutrition, the company’s “purpose is to improve health outcomes for the forgotten, the disadvantaged[,] and those who cannot help themselves in our community by delivering individually prescribed meals.” Community engagement and support are integral to the company’s mission. “Our business was built in 2003 on the values of taking care of family in the way a family member would, returning the dignity of choice.” 

How Does LifeSpring Home Nutrition Promote Health and Wellness?

LifeSpring Home Nutrition offers clients more than weekly meal deliveries. Medically tailored meals (MTMs), personalized meal planning, and special dietary support promote overall health and wellness for individuals in the community. Every staff member works to ensure the health, safety, security, and comfort of clients and their loved ones. Education is integral to reducing healthcare gaps in communities throughout California. LifeSpring Home Nutrition offers nutritional tips, links to reliable resources, and nutritional coaching with a registered dietician (RD).

Nutritional Tips

Everyone has different nutritional needs. Nutritional tips are quick ways to improve overall health by addressing diet and lifestyle choices. General information on nutrition and diet may help people avoid some of the high costs associated with preventable diseases and chronic health issues.

A few easy nutritional tips people use to improve their diet include: 

  • Staying hydrated by drinking at least six to eight cups of water a day
  • Practicing mindful eating by learning to identify hunger and fullness cues 
  • Replacing empty calories and ultra-processed foods with healthy snacks and tailored meals
  • Creating nighttime routines to improve their quality of sleep

Individuals looking for additional nutritional tips can build a healthier lifestyle by taking advantage of the following resources: 

Each site offers a wide range of helpful services and tips for improving nutrition and health. Individuals benefit from educating themselves on how diet impacts their physical and emotional well-being. 

Older adults are especially vulnerable to misinformation. According to Nutrients, “In the context of ageing, a major challenge to maintain health in old age is the imbalanced nutritional intake resulting into nutritional deficiency or malnutrition.” LifeSpring Home Nutrition helps educate caregivers and family members of individuals experiencing age-related dietary issues or other health conditions. 

Healthy Recipes

According to Health.gov, “There is abundant evidence that good nutrition is imperative to overall physical health, supports disease prevention, and offers cognitive benefits too.” Healthy recipes support good nutrition. Individuals receiving weekly meal deliveries may still benefit from using healthy recipes for easy-to-make home-cooked dishes. 

Some excellent resources for finding quick, straightforward, and nutritional recipes include: 

Healthy recipes use cost-effective and easily accessible ingredients to create tasty and filling meals. Individuals participating in weekly meal delivery programs may benefit from adding fresh whole foods to their diet through recipes posted on trusted websites. Community programs and resources often have services to help connect vulnerable or disadvantaged individuals with fresh local foods at a reduced cost. LifeSpring Home Nutrition encourages people to supplement their meal deliveries with whole fruits and vegetables when possible. 

Lifestyle Advice

LifeSpring Home Nutrition serves individuals and families from all walks of life. Each person has different needs and risk factors impacting their health. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), “New habits, like healthy eating and regular physical activity, may . . . help you manage your weight and have more energy.” Lifestyle advice encourages people to take control of their health through practical changes in diet and exercise.  

Some helpful sites people use to find lifestyle advice include: 

Making healthy lifestyle choices reduces the risk of preventable diseases and lowers the cost of healthcare for communities in California. In addition, combining home-delivered meals with lifestyle changes helps people manage chronic medical conditions more effectively. 

Connecting With Local Resources

Locating and taking advantage of local resources provides people with additional services. Older adults, children, pregnant people, individuals with disabilities, and others benefit from connecting with local resources.

A few examples of national, state, and local wellness resources include: 

Clients can contact LifeSpring Home Nutrition for more information on locating and applying for different benefits and support services.

LifeSpring Home Nutrition Provides Information, Helpful Resources, and Meal Delivery Services

At-home meal deliveries offer a foundation for healthy lifestyle changes. Clients taking advantage of tailored meal planning and other services benefit from educating themselves and exploring the various wellness tips and resources available on this page.

Misinformation, disinformation, and biased reporting cause confusion and make it difficult for people to locate the information or resources they need to improve their quality of life. LifeSpring Home Nutrition offers information from legitimate sources to help people improve their health. Individuals experiencing chronic health issues often report fewer symptoms and side effects after utilizing legitimate support systems and resources.

Wellness tips and resources help individuals and families make more educated decisions about their diet and lifestyle. LifeSpring Home Nutrition encourages clients to take advantage of the many legitimate health education resources available online and in the local community. Call us today at (800) 798-5767 to learn more.

Hannah HKHannah HK
05:05 30 Apr 24
I cannot enough express my gratitude for your help and the fact that you respected my selective religious food choices, you delivered frozen clean simple disposable boxes of mostly ready to go meals , sealed, sanitary, cold in big insulated bags. Thank you truly !
S MawS Maw
23:51 05 Apr 24
I had a catastrophic event requiring a long hospital stay and at discharge my HMO offered Lifespring meal services. Initially, I was offered a puree diet and then as I improved a regular diet. Staff were kind, patient, and their supervisor, Christina was extremely accommodating. This is an amazing company who goes the extra mile to ensure patients receive their meals promptly. The food is delicious with a variety of meals. I would highly recommend Lifespring.
J GrantJ Grant
19:39 24 Mar 24
Lora “LaLa” BenderLora “LaLa” Bender
00:09 08 Apr 23
My food.
M MaithalouniM Maithalouni
16:57 23 Mar 23
Balanced meals excellent customer service. Thank you
I've been receiving Lifespring meals for the past several years. I find them to be fresh, convenient, and delicious! The meals are both balanced and nutritious, and, because they are prepared fresh, and then flash frozen; all one needs is a microwave! Delivery is prompt and courteous, and if ever you want to make a change, the friendly office staff is available by phone. Thank you, Lifespring! 🤗😘
Garth ShipGarth Ship
03:04 04 Dec 20
Christina totally went above and beyond for me with excellent service.Delivered right on time to my door by the friendly driver. The meals are delicious and have definitely lifted my spirits through these troubled times. Thank you Lifespring for great service and the delicious meals you provide.
Leticia nicole AvelinoLeticia nicole Avelino
18:04 17 Mar 20
They have been a blessing to my grandmother for a low sodium diet, got her back on track and portions are perfect!
Samantha PerezSamantha Perez
19:36 27 Jun 19
I am very happy with the service provided and options for my elderly family member. Taste and quality earn a 5 star review.