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The Science of Food and Eating

Kind Co.

Feb 27, 2024 3 months ago

The Science of Food and Eating

Although food science has been around for many decades, this term has been used more and more in recent years. This is because it is becoming increasingly clear that the more informed we are about food, the healthier we can become. However, the science of food and eating can often get bogged down with misinformation and poor reporting. This is why it can be so helpful to rely on professionals to know how to eat for optimal health.

The Science of Food and Eating: Understanding the Food We Eat

When it comes to the food we eat, there are two avenues people often take. One is to disregard the helpful science of food and stick with heavily processed foods high in saturated fats and refined sugars. These types of foods may satiate one’s hunger for a moment, but ultimately they leave the body undernourished and dissatisfied.

Conversely, some people focus primarily on the nutrients in food and neglect the enjoyment factor in eating. Yes, they may be meeting all of their nutritional needs. Yet, without loving what they eat, they are missing a big opportunity to feel fulfilled. Also, they may often feel hungry because of not truly enjoying their food. The key, then, is to find enjoyable food that is full of nutrients and low in anti-nutrients. This formula is also the basis for what is known as “nutritional therapy.”

Understanding the nutrients and anti-nutrients in our foods helps us to understand how we should ideally eat. According to The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, “In order for food to be therapeutic, it must be nutrient-dense, measured in part by the nutrients and anti-nutrients, contained in consumed foods. Nutrients are plant and animal sources providing macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fat), micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, probiotics), and fiber. Anti-Nutrients are food products that have no biological necessity.”

The Science of Food and Eating: Understanding Why We Eat

Ask most people, “Why do we eat?” and they’ll probably say, “We eat in order to survive.” Of course, they aren’t wrong, but there is certainly much more involved in why people eat. Eating can be a very personal and emotional process.

Thanks to the science of food and eating, we now know that people eat for more reasons than simply survival. For instance, people will often eat as a result of emotional issues that are going on in their lives. If these emotional issues are traumatic, then those eating patterns can change significantly. Of course, people eat for positive reasons as well, such as to celebrate special occasions with others.

Historically, food has often been used for medicinal and psychological reasons. According to the peer-reviewed journal, Missouri Medicine, “In addition to recognition of food and nutrition as contributing to health or causing disease, people have also used foods to enhance athletic ability and warrior status for centuries. In modern times, alterations in food content or amount (i.e. diets) are still used with goals of enhancing athletic performance, improving physical looks (i.e. weight loss), and improving health.” While these goals are noble, they can also be problematic if people don’t have the proper information on how they should eat.

The Science of Food and Eating: Understanding How We Eat

How people eat is an essential ingredient in how they feel. This may seem obvious, but many people don’t realize the foods they eat affect their mental and emotional health. What’s more, people often may not know they are eating too much or too little of a particular food to be healthy.

This is where connecting with a service like LifeSpring Home Nutrition can be so beneficial. All of LifeSpring’s foods are prepared and packaged to meet the exact needs of each individual. This way, an individual no longer has to concern themselves with how to eat healthfully, but rather with how much joy can they get from their food. For people with specific medical needs, such as diabetes, the medically tailored meals (MTM) offered by LifeSpring Home Nutrition can lead to longer lives with fewer medical complications. Yes, food science truly correlates to quality of life.

Whole Mind-Body Healing With LifeSpring Home Nutrition

The Greek philosopher and “father of modern medicine,” Hippocrates, once wrote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” As this quote reveals, the science of food and eating is nothing new. However, it is constantly evolving.

Here at LifeSpring Home Nutrition, we are up to date on food science. What’s more, we know how to apply that knowledge to the creation of medically relevant meals. Those with specific health needs can relax, knowing they are eating the right foods to improve their health.

Although people don’t always realize food can make the difference between health and illness, it can. That is why we have made it our mission to take care of the science side of food for our clients. That way, they can focus on the joy of eating while we focus on making them healthier.

Everyone knows we need to eat to survive, but many people don’t know the science behind nutrition. It is important to understand why our bodies require nourishment and how they process food. This includes the varying purposes of each food group, including fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and dairy. Here at LifeSpring Home Nutrition, our meals are intentionally designed by registered professionals to meet each of our customer’s individual needs. If you feel like you or someone you love can benefit from healthy, medically tailored meals (MTM) with convenient home delivery at affordable prices, we can help. For more information about the abundance of healthy options provided by LifeSpring Home Nutrition, please call us today at (800) 798-5767.

Hannah HKHannah HK
05:05 30 Apr 24
I cannot enough express my gratitude for your help and the fact that you respected my selective religious food choices, you delivered frozen clean simple disposable boxes of mostly ready to go meals , sealed, sanitary, cold in big insulated bags. Thank you truly !
S MawS Maw
23:51 05 Apr 24
I had a catastrophic event requiring a long hospital stay and at discharge my HMO offered Lifespring meal services. Initially, I was offered a puree diet and then as I improved a regular diet. Staff were kind, patient, and their supervisor, Christina was extremely accommodating. This is an amazing company who goes the extra mile to ensure patients receive their meals promptly. The food is delicious with a variety of meals. I would highly recommend Lifespring.
J GrantJ Grant
19:39 24 Mar 24
Lora “LaLa” BenderLora “LaLa” Bender
00:09 08 Apr 23
My food.
M MaithalouniM Maithalouni
16:57 23 Mar 23
Balanced meals excellent customer service. Thank you
I've been receiving Lifespring meals for the past several years. I find them to be fresh, convenient, and delicious! The meals are both balanced and nutritious, and, because they are prepared fresh, and then flash frozen; all one needs is a microwave! Delivery is prompt and courteous, and if ever you want to make a change, the friendly office staff is available by phone. Thank you, Lifespring! 🤗😘
Garth ShipGarth Ship
03:04 04 Dec 20
Christina totally went above and beyond for me with excellent service.Delivered right on time to my door by the friendly driver. The meals are delicious and have definitely lifted my spirits through these troubled times. Thank you Lifespring for great service and the delicious meals you provide.
Leticia nicole AvelinoLeticia nicole Avelino
18:04 17 Mar 20
They have been a blessing to my grandmother for a low sodium diet, got her back on track and portions are perfect!
Samantha PerezSamantha Perez
19:36 27 Jun 19
I am very happy with the service provided and options for my elderly family member. Taste and quality earn a 5 star review.